Family Law Attorney and Mediator Christina St.Clair of St.Clair Law, P.A. offers Family Law Mediation Services in Northeast Florida’s Orange Park and Jacksonville areas

Family Law Mediator Christina St.Clair of St.Clair Law, P.A. offers Mediation Services to guide clients through the mediation process in divorce, child custody, relocation, and dependency cases.  Ms. St.Clair works with clients to ensure they understand the value in reaching agreement to resolve disputes and conflicts in order to stay out of court – which only costs individuals time and money.

Mediation Services include:

  • Completion of Court-Ordered Mediation
  • Pro-Se Mediation
  • Contested and Uncontested Family Law Matters

Ms. St.Clair offer parents in Clay, Putman, Alachua, St. John's and Duval counties access to the court-ordered HICCUP Course for high-conflict co-parenting cases

In addition to Mediation, Ms. St.Clair offers the court-ordered Hi-Conflict Co-Parenting Unplugged! (HICCUP) Course, a high-conflict, co-parenting course, which helps parents through the difficult process of co-parenting during conflict. The nine-hour intensive course, offered by Ms. St.Clair in partnership with Family Services and Resource Center, Inc., includes six hours of class lecture and skill building, homework assignments, and a follow-up at six weeks after course completion to evaluate progress. Upon completion of the course, a Certificate of Completion is given to each participant.

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